Regatta de Zamboanga Festival – Description, History, Activities

The Hermosa Festival, also known as Regatta de Zamboanga Festival, mostly known as a Fiesta Pilar, Held each year in the City of Zamboanga, it is one of the oldest Festivals in the Philippines country and the most awaited event for the people in the Philippines.

[Regatta de Zamboanga Festival]

This Zamboanga Festival is held in honor of the Miraculous Image of our Lady of the Pillar, the Patroness of Batangas City held in every October 12 each year, it is also the sister city of the Zamboanga in the Philippines.

Regatta de Zamboanga Festival is the biggest and oldest most Colorful event in the year, Happens in the October month each year during the first 12days of the month, Each year many vintas join the race : Note – Only Zambanga residents can join the race competition, all are fishermen who stay along the city sides like:

  • Sinunuc,
  • Maasin,
  • Labuan, 
  • Mariki,
  • touristic island of Sta,
  • Cruz and
  • Many other Villages.

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Zamboanga Hermosa Festival history

The History of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival embedded in Zamboanga’s rich History of devotion to the Nuestra Señora del Pila, Supplemented by the rich Legends, Zambonga was an integral part of Spanish Colonization, in the Year 1635 The Spaniards built a fort in Zamboanga called Real Fuerza De San Jose.

Most racers are mostly Bajau Fishermen who come form villages, Each Boat carries Two (2) People Paddling towards the victory, The winner and runners will get a cash price of PHP15,000 and for runners-ups PHP5,000 and Food Packages for all the Racers.

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Date

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival date : Festival comes each Year in the Month of October, Thousand of People Gather in Zamboanga City to Watch Colorful vintage sails race across the coastline, Not just a Boats but it’s a symbol of the City’s rich Maritime History, race is about the deep connection to the sea and a fishermen.

Hermosa Festival meaning

Hermosa Festival Meaning The Festival is a Fiesta Pilar, Happens every year Celebration in honor of the Patroness of the city of Zaamboanga-Our Lady of the Pillar, also known as devotion to our “Lady of the Pillar” or in simple know as “Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar”

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival activities

Here are the Activities happining in the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival:

  1. Art Exhibit,
  2. Beauty Pageants,
  3. Sports Competitions,
  4. Drum and Lyre Competition,
  5. Parade of Lights,
  6. Chavacano Pop Music Festival,
  7. Street Dance,
  8. Mascota de Zamboanga,
  9. Zamboanga Peninsula Trade Exposition and
  10.  Regatta de Zamboanga

Art Exhibit

The Event filled with artists, Both from local to Zamboanga also near by areas, Makes them to display their Creative Art Works, Art like Paintings to Sculptures based on Rich history and Culture.

Beauty Pageants

The Festival in Zamboanga features 2 Pageants:

  1. Miss Philippines Eart Zamboanga and
  2. Binibining Zamboanga.

Competitions is based on intelligence, Skills and a sense of Cultural Pride, Featuring with Physically Beautiful Ladys.

 Sports Competitions

Festival is based on many Sports Competitions to have a Healthy life which include:

  • Dancing,
  • Gymnastic,
  • Chess Championship,
  • VolleyBall Tournament,
  • Invitational Mixed Martial Arts and
  • Boat racing.

Travel Tips to vist Regatta de Zamboanga Festival

Regatta de Zamboanga Festival takes place in October every year, Festival have with large crowd so if you are planning to vist Book your accommodation in advance so that it wont be hassless at last minute.

Dress code : Wear Sun Protection:

  • Hat,
  • Sunglass and
  • Sunblock

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