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Here you will Find The Top Best Scholarships for Filipino Students who are looking for Scholarship to support financial Assistance, Find the list of Philippines Scholarships which are open now to apply that may help you to apply Scholarship and support you are Financial Needs.

[Scholarships for College Students Philippines]

Benefits of Scholarship:

Here are the Benefits of Scholarships

  • Tuition Fees,
  • Book Allowance,
  • Transportation Allowance,
  • Food, Housing and
  • Tuition and Other Expenses. All benefits helps students who are financially effected, Follow the steps to apply Scholarship below.

DCWD College Scholarship

DCWD – Davao City Water District announces the opening of Scholarship avaliability for 15 college DCWD Students (Scholarship for IPS – Indigenous People for School Year 2023 to 2024). Students who are pursuing College Degree at – University of Southeastern Philippines.

Benefits of DCWD Scholarship Program:

Find the Benefits of DCWD College Scholarship Program

  • Meal Allowance will be given,
  • Transportation Allowance will be given,
  • House Allowance,
  • Boarding Allowance,
  • Uniform or Texbook Allowance,
  • Tour Allowance,
  • Education Allowance given to the Students,
  • Incentive for Scholars and
  • Thesis Allowance.

Qualification Requirements for DCWD Scholarship

Here are the list of Qualification Requirements for DCWD Scholarship:

  • He or She must be Incoming Freshmen or a Continuing Student,
  • He or She must be Senior High School Graduate With Grade of at least – 80%,
    • Application previous semester must be at least 80%,
    • He or She must be currently enrolled in College,
  • Applicant must be Mumber of the IP or Indigenous Cultural Communities and
  • Residing muslims in the Watershed areas:
    • Toril
    • Tugok
    • Baguio
    • Calinan and
    • Marilog Districtts

How to Apply DCWD Scholarship

To Apply DCWD Scholarship Program you may click on the link DSWD Scholarship Application.

2. CHED Merit Scholarship Program

CHED – Commission on Higher Education is Providing Scholarship Opportunities for the Deserving Students who are in need of Financial Support.

Monthly Allowance of CHED Scholarship

Here are the Allowance of CHED Scholarship:

  • Full CHED Scholarship of P20,000,
  • Tuition and Other School Fees of P35,000 and
  • Book Allowance/Semester of P5,000.

GWA to Apply CHED Scholarship Program

Grade Requirement ot Apply CHED Scholarship program is GWA of at least 85% or its equivalent in their high School or College Academic Records,

Requirements of CHED Scholarship Program

The Requirements of CHED Scholarhsip Program are:

  • He or She must be a Filipino Citizenshiip.
  • Academic Excellence a GWA – General Weighted Average of at least 85% or to its equivalent in High School or College Academic Records.
  • He or She must have Good Health – Applicant should be in Good Health to pursue their Studies.
  • Clean Record – Applicants Must not have anyy Pending Criminal or Admiinistrative Charges,
  • Should not have any Previous Government Scholarship,

How to Apply CHED Scholarship Program?

To Apply CHED Scholarship Program you need to Click on the given link Read the Article and submit the online applicaiton, With required Documents.

Deadline to apply CHED Scholarship Program

The Deadline to Apply CHED Scholarship Program is on May 31, 2023, Submit the Application Before it ends.

3. OWWA Scholarship Program

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is Now open to apply, Providing a variety of Scholarship of OFW Dependents (If you’re and OFW member) It’s Important to keep you’re OWWA Membership Active.

Scholarship is available to the Dependents of active OWWA Members, to the students who are enrolled or planing to enroll in 4 to 5 years of Bachelor Course in any of the C

Requirements for OWWA Scholarship

Following are the Requirements for OWWA Scholarship Program:

  • Application form,
  • Must be Active OWWA Membership of OFW,
  • IP Photo 2×2 Copy
  • Must submit the Proof of Relationship of OFW Member which will be like:
    • Birth Certificate from PSA or LCR,
  • For Those who already enrolled in 2nd to 5th Year in College,
  • Must not be more than 30 year of Old
  • Must be incoming freshmen Single – 1st Year College,
  • Grade 11 Graduate – Incoming Grade 12 or Currently enrolled in Grade 12,
  • He or she must be in Good Moral Character,
  • Physical Check Up – Medical Certificate.

Benefits of OWWA Scholarship Program:

The Benefits of OWWA Scholarship Program (ODSP) – Financial Assistance of PHP20,000 per academic Year to the Students.

Maintaining Grade For OWWA Scholarship Program

Must have an average Grade of atlest 80% and belongs to the Upper of 20% of the Graduating Class, Maintaining Grade should be atlest 80%.

How to Apply OWWA Scholarship Program?

To Apply OWWA Scholarship Program you need to click on the link OWWA Scholarship, Submit the required Documents before it ends.

4. BARMM Scholarship

The BASE and BASE-Merit Scholarship:

The Bangsamoro Youth Scholarship Program BASE and BASE-MERI is a lifetime Career Opportunity which providing financial Support as follows:

  • Tuition Fees,
  • Book Fees,
  • Clothing Fees,
  • Living Allowance and
  • Other Financial Support

Help Students on Financial Support,

Benefits of Scholarship

The Benefits of BARMM Scholarship program:

  • PHP10,000 for every Students who are nominated for BARMM BASE and BASE-MERIT Scholarship Program.
  • PHP20,000 Monthly Cash Assistance,
  • The Money will deposited directly to the Bank account on every last week of the month, That will start form the 1st Semester of the Class.
  • Students will Receive a Total of PHP200,000 per/year
  • Tuuion Fees,
  • School Fees,
  • Clothing Allowance,
  • Book Allowance and
  • Monthly living allowance.

How to Apply Scholarship Program

To Apply BARRM Scholarship you need to visit the link BANGSAMORO, Apply with Supporting Document with required documents.

5. SM Scholarship Program

The SM Scholarship Open now to apply for the Year 2023 – 2024, Filipino Students who are interested may apply for SM Scholarship, Online Application Open now to Apply.

SM Scholarship Program mainly aims to empower the students withn the Communities through their Health care, environmental Program, shelter, given Educational Assistance.

SM Scholarship Benefits Program

Find the list of SM Scholarship Benefits Program:

  • Full Tuition Fees,
  • Montly Allowance,
  • Part time Job, During the Semester Break (Christmas Break)
  • Exclusive job for those who are Graduate (With in the SM Foundation Group)
  • Activities (Fun) sponsored by the SM Foundation.

Requirements for SM Scholarship

Here are the requirements for SM Scholarship Program

  1. Those who are from Grade 12 Graduates from Private and Public Schools.
  2. Applicant from Private School Must have a DepED Voucher and they must be a Grade 10 finishers from any of the public High Schools.
  3. The GWA of at least 95% or to it’s equivalent,
  4. Not more than P150,000/Yearly.

Document requirements to apply SM Scholarship

Here are the list of Document required to apply SM Scholarhsip:

  • Income Tax Returns of Guardian/Parents
  • Certificate of income (Non-Filing)
  • Certificate of Indigency
  • 2×2 ID Picture (2 Copies)
  • Birth Certificate,
  • Grade 12 Report Card
  • Online Application with required Documentation Attachments,
  • Address Sketch of Home/ any Nearest SM Mall.

How to Apply SM Scholarship Program

To Apply SM Scholarhsip Program you need to visit the link SM Online Application, Submit the Online Application with Required Documents.

6. Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 – 2024

Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 Open to apply for all Eliggible Filipino Students, Scholarship Application open for all Incoming Freshmen College Students, Scholarship Grant will be valid until he or she Complet the College Course program with no Maintain Grades from Hawak Kamay Scholarship.

Benefits of Hawak Kamay Scholarship

The Benefits of Hawak Kamay Scholarship are given below:

  • Scholarship Grant of up to 75% Discount in Tution fees and Miscellanous Fees,
  • HK Scholarship is a 4 Year College Scholarship Program,
  • They must Renew the Scholarship each Semester,
  • No Maintaining Grades are Required to apply HK Scholarship Program.

How to Apply HK Scholarship

To Apply HK Scholarship Program you need to visit the following link given below:

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