SSS Online – How to Register and Requirements

SSS Online : Social Security System (SSS) it is a Government agency responsible for administering social security benefits to the Filipino Workers. SSS Provides many Benefits like:

  • Retirement,
  • Disability,
  • Maternity,
  • Sickness,
  • Death,
  • Funeral and
  • Other Related Benefits.

It’s a Mandatory Program for all the Employees and Employers also for a Self-Employed individuals in the Philippines. Need to contribute a portion of their salary to the SSS, That is used to fund the benefits which is provided by the system.

SSS Online registration requirements

Here are the list of requirements to register SSS Online:

  • Need to prepare an orginal or certified true copy,
    • Birth Certificate or a Baptismal Certificate,
    • Passport,
    • Driver’s Licnse,
    • PRC – Professional Regulation Commission Card
    • Seaman’s Book.

Secondary Documents if you dont have above Documents, Need to submit any Two:

  • Alien Certificate of registration,
  • Voter’s Identification Card or
    • Affidavit
  • Transcript of a School Records,
  • TAX Identification Number,
  • Senior Citizen Card,
  • School ID,
  • Postall ID,
  • Police Clearance,
  • PhilHealth Member’s Record,
  • Pag-IBIG Member’s Data Form,
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Card,
  • NBI Clerance,
  • Private Companies issued Membership Card,
  • Marriage Contract,
  • Life Insurance Policy,
  • ID Card Issued by Local Government Units,
  • Health or a Medical Card,
  • GSIS Card,
  • Fisherman’s Card,
  • Credit Card,
  • Company ID,
  • Bank Account Passbook,
  • ATM Card with the Cardholder’s name,

Read – NBI Clearance

How to register SSS online 2024

Find the Step by Step Guide on how to register SSS Online in the Philippines:

  • Prepare your Information – Before you start to registration process, Make sure you have your personal inforamation ready like:
    • A Laptop or Mobile Phone,
    • Stable Internet Access,
    • A Printer,
    • Working Email address and a mobile phone number,
    • A Valid ID Card’s,
    • Your PSA Certificates such as:
      • PSA Birth Certificate and
      • PSA Marriage Certificate if your Married.
  • Next step You need to visit the SSS Website – Go to
  • You need to click on the Apply for an SS Number Online, Image at Bottom helps, Refer:
  • Next Step is to fill out the online Form with Correct Information, and Click on the submit button,
  • you will receive a link to your email address which you have provided in the application form,
  • Check your email inbox and click on the link to contune your online application,
  • like is vaild only for 5 days, Submit the application before it ends,
    • if you fail to submit the application within 5 days, you need to repeat the registration process to generate a new link.
  • You need to fill the application with information like
    • Name,
    • DOB,
    • Vaild ID etc
  • Make sure that you entered all the information correctly before clicking on the “Generate SS Number“,
  • Once you click on “Generate SS Number Button” if you get an option to print the epersonal record form and a SS Number Slip, You will get all these details on your Email,
  • Now you have an SS Number but its tagged as “Temporary” To get full benefits of an SS Member, you need to visit an SSS Branch and Complete the Registration by Submitting the required Documents.
  • By Submiting the required documents in the SSS Branch your Temporary Status will be updated to Permanent Privileges.

SSS Benefits

Find the list of SSS Benefits as follows:

  • Sickness Benefits,
  • Maternity Benefits,
  • Retirement Benefits,
  • Disability Benefits,
  • Death Benefits,
  • Funeral Benefits,
  • Unemployment Benefits.
  • Salary Loan.
  1. Sickness Benefits – This Benefits is given to the members who are unable to work becaus of the sickness, injuries or surgery.
  2. Maternity Benefits – For Female SSS Members daily cash allownace will be given, who are unable to work after ChildBirth and for miscarriages.
  3. Retirement Benefits – For SSS Members monthly pension or a lump sum of amount will be given for those who are retired from the work.
  4. Disability Benefits – For those who are suffering from physical injuries a monthly pension or a lump sum amount will be given,
  5. Death Benefits – This benefit is given to members who are unable to work due to total or partial disability caused by sickness or injury. The amount of benefit depends on the member’s number of contributions and degree of disability.
  6. Funeral Benefits – Funeral Expenses is given to an SSS Member.
  7. Salary Loan: Qualified members can avail of salary loans for various purposes, including emergencies, education, housing, or livelihood.

SSS Unemployment Benefits requirements

If your looking for SSS Unemployment benefits or interested in applying for SSS Unemployment Benefits, Here are the list of requirements for SSS Unemployment:

You should have a Orginal copy and a photocopy of valid Government ID

  • Permit to carry firearms outsid of residence.
  • License to own and possess firearms
  • Alien Certificate of Registration,
  • Voter’s ID
  • Seafarer’s ID and record book
  • Postal ID
  • NBI clearance
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • SS card
  • UMID card

IF Primary ID is not available then then member should any 2 ID cards or documents mention Below

  • DOLE certification
  • DOLE certification form
  • UMID card enrolled as an ATM
  • UBP (Union Bank of the Philippines) Quick Card
  • SSS-enrolled Bank Accounts

SSS Unemployment Benefits requirements 2024

Here are the list of Benefits of unemployment requirements 2024

  • The Age limit for member at the time of separation as given below:

Employment/membership type Age in Years.

  • Regular Employees 60 Years Old
  • Underground or Surface-mine worker 50 Years Old
  • Racehorse Jockey 55 Years Old
  • Should be a paid contribution of at least 36 months
  • 12 months of the contributions should be in the 18 months immediately before the month of involuntary separation.
  • Member who has not received an unemployment benefits for the last 3 Years,

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